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Milli Vanilli

Milli Vanilli was a disco and house night run in York between 2012 and 2015, booking artists such as Tristan Da Cunha, Behling & Simpson, OOFT!, Balearic Mike, Luv Jam, Moonboots, Il Bosco and others. Now an irregular excuse for residents Tim Perera, Harry Jones and Kitt Munro to reunite in London where they host a night of the same name at Ridley Road Market Bar. Catch them this Friday.

How did you all meet?

We all studied at York University and lived in the same college in our first year. Me and Harry first started Milli Vanilli as a disco and house orientated student night, with Kitt soon joining us, and moving on to booking a lot of artists we liked. We threw parties in York for about three years but have since left that behind with Kitt and Harry in London and myself back in Gibraltar. The Ridley Road reunions are probably the only time you're gonna see the three of us play together in London!

Best house party you’ve ever been to?

I can only speak for myself but during our studies I played a party in a ridiculously large house, 9 or 10 bedrooms or something. We also threw a few memorable ones ourselves...

Where else have you played/where do you dream of playing?

We've all played in a few cities around the UK; together I think it would just be York, London and Nottingham. I'm a resident at two nights in Gibraltar, one of which I run and hope to have the others over for one day soon!

Dream gigs for me personally include a couple of my favourite festivals: Gottwood and Love International; clubbing wise please someone book me in Amsterdam...

Favourite record store in the universe?

For friendly faces and just the sheer amount of records I've discovered there, it's got to be Earworm Records in York. Red Light Records in Amsterdam is one that I definitely want to visit more times.

The track that never fails you?

It's an obvious one but one of my all time favourites, and the final track of our first ever Milli Vanilli party... Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody


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