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Rimbombo are party instigators from Sydney --> London. They host a monthly Thursday at Ridley Road Market Bar called LIP SWEAT , and will also be taking over for our Saturday 4am late license on the August bank holiday weekend. We chatted to Declan Esau about how they got started and the records they're buying now.

How did you all meet?

I started Rimbombo with my best mates in Sydney about 4 years ago, after moving to London i wanted to keep throwing parties so teamed up with ultimate fun guys Maxime Leroy and Simon Milner for our inaugural LIP SWEAT, which turned out to be a pretty good midweek dance!

Best house party you’ve ever been to?

The launch of Rimbombo was essentially in someone’s kitchen. Big Funktion One sound, anime being projected on the walls and an attempted sound proofing using duct tape and cushions.

Favourite record store in the universe?

Eldica which is tucked away just off Kingsland Road - feels like digging in your Grandad's loft.

What was the first and last record you bought?

I can’t remember the first ever record i bought but i know it was from Spank records in Darlinghurst (RIP). The latest record i bought is Jimi Bazzouka - So So - which i'm still waiting to be delivered.

The track that never fails you?

Has to be Plustwo - melody. A Ridley Road anthem!

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