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Chaka Khan’t

Chaka Khan’t has cemented her place in the East London queer clubbing scene with parties Mints, Last Resort and cult Tuesday sesh Disco Spritz. Her sets move from soaring disco and soul to rare groove, dusty house and beyond. As well as DJing regularly at The Glory, Savage, Dalston Superstore and Ridley Road Market Bar she performs as alter-ego drag queen Cissy!

Who do you love to play records with?

I love playing records with so many people – when you have that chemistry with another DJ, playing back to back is like a flirty little game of tug of war. Playing alone means you get to really build the set into what you want, but playing with other people is much more fun. I play in the collective 2Gurlz1Cub at Last Resort every Sunday at Dalston Superstore which also consists of Dance Armstrong and Fannar – I love playing with them because we know each other so well and have great chemistry. I also of course love playing with my main squeeze Jon Arnold who I’ll be playing with this Thursday! He is the best partner in crime.

Best house party you’ve ever been to?

Some of the parties at our place have probably been my favourite. I live with a bunch of drag queens, DJs and general lunatics so you never know where the night is going to end up!

Where else have you played/where do you dream of playing?

I play regularly at Dalston Superstore, The Glory, Ridley Road and Savage. My dream gig would be to start playing some festivals I suppose! I love playing in clubs but to be out in the open air with the sun shining, playing to a beautiful dancing crowd would be magic.

Favourite record store in the universe?

Oooh that’s a tricky one! Local legend Kristina Records has to be my favourite for their incredibly broad selection of quality music. I also really love record shopping in charity shops, car boot sales and second hand record stores and rifling through bargain bins to discover amazing new stuff I’ve never heard before.

The track that never fails you?

Queen Adeva

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