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Jon has been playing around East London for a while now, getting his start at infamous Dalston Basement VFD (When it was still Vogue Fabrics) and then starting up playing a regular Thursday night at Ridley. He plays regularly at Dalston Superstore and other haunts but mainly at Ridley Road where he is somewhat of our Saturday resident. It's never too serious and Jon always wants everyone to have fun, it's a party not a history lesson. There's a time and place for being too cool and this definitely isn't it. Lots of disco, and then maybe could go to hip hop and r'n'b and then maybe two hours of pure campness. It just has to be fun.

Best house party you’ve ever been to?

There's been a fair few, but this one my house threw when I was living in Melbourne got shut down by the police 3 times and left us with a lovely $1700 fine. That was pretty wicked and also very memorable. The theme was Dead Or Divine, I was most definitely dead.

Where else have you played/where do you dream of playing?

I've basically done a tour of lovely, dingy fun venues and pubs in East London. Mainly Ridley and Dalston Superstore where I throw a fun party called Mints with another Ridley Road regular and one of my favs, Emma Kroeger. I have a lil project called Super Drama with with my straight partner in crime Jerome and we would love more than anything to one day play at Panorama Bar. That really would be something else.

Favourite record store in the universe?

I used to love browsing everything at Sonic Boom in Toronto, such an iconic place, and of course in London you can't really go wrong with Phonica. I kinda gave up for a while cause it's so expensive but I'm getting reeled back in for sure!

The track that never fails you?

Songs that always salvage a flagging dancefloor (and I've seen a few) are definitely "Beam Me Up" by Midnight Magic and "Take Me I'm Yours" by Mary Clark. Never fails!

Website/Inst/Twitter/FB handles: Insta... jonarnold1985, nothingbutsuperdrama

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