Can I have my party at your bar?

We host lots and lots of parties every weekend. It's better if you're open to mixing with other crowds though as we don't do private hire on Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, but we can usually reserve you a few tables to act as a base for your party if you have a large group and are aiming to arrive early. 

Keep in mind that the Slice Girls serve the ultimate party food from 6:30pm every day, so it's a good idea to make an early group booking and get some of that heavenly action.

We can do private hire on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. We can also do it for a daytime/afternoon event on Saturday.

Let us know if any of those options appeal.

Can you put me on the guestlist?

Sorry, no. We don't have one, we're more of a bar than a club. It's first come first served, and once we reach capacity we operate a 'one in, one out' policy. Come early and you'll be fine. On Fridays and Saturdays queues usually start around 9pm. Please note that we operate a NO ID, NO ENTRY policy.

What type of music are you playing on Saturday night?

Almost without exception we have a super fun houseparty (that's 'houseparty', not 'house music' party) vibe on Friday and Saturday nights. You can check out some of our DJs here. We play the tunes that girls love to dance to, not the tunes that guys stroke their beards to in the corner. Though occasionally the two do meet. If you want the specifics visit our Facebook calendar, or if you're as cool as we wish we were, and not on Facebook you can check out this calendar, it could be a little bit less up to date though.

Do you serve food?

We have a super exciting new food offering on the way, we'll keep you posted. In the meantime feel free to order anything in, we have a huge community of wonderful restaurants in Dalston that are offering delivery.

I lost my jumper, phone, keys, mind at your bar. Can I get it back?

We can help you with three out of four, we think that ain't bad. Not to sing our own praises too loudly but 95% of lost items do turn up at the end of the night so fill out this form and we'll try and track it down. If you're reading this in anticipation of losing something please know that we run a cloakroom on Fridays and Saturdays from 9pm so leave the pooch carrier and overcoat in the care of the lovely cloak room kids. 

Please could I DJ at your bar?

Send us an email detailing the type of music you'd like to play - with links if possible, links to any nights that you've done previously, an idea of the size and type of crowd you think you could bring and the ideal night for you, and we'll consider you when we're next programming. We program three months in advance, and Friday and Saturday nights are never up for grabs. We get about 30 emails a week from people wanting to play so forgive us but we won't generally respond unless we know we can give you a slot. No promoters please.  Also no wicked beats. We're always interested in really strong Sunday events, so if you have a good following and a solid idea please email us.

I heard you don't accept cash, what's that about?

Yep you heard right. 

We decided to take a little leap into the unknown in October 2017 and trial becoming a cashless bar. The trial went really well. We accept card payments, but no coins or notes.

The transparency of a cash-free business had always been appealing, and when our bank increased fees for depositing cash, we thought that rather than pass that cost on we'd make the decision to keep our drink prices low and look for other solutions. 

Most of our sales were already made by card so it felt like a good time to try going cashless.


What have you done for me lately?

For FAQ's sake. Have some Sister Sledge.